Here’s the story...

I tell my wife and friends all the time that I can start with nothing and turn it into 10K.  Now I have to prove it. I have gone to auctions, flea markets and garage sales in the past to buy items that I know will make a profit.  So, I kinda know what to look for. I’m by far an expert, but I’ve always had an eye for older unusual things. Whether it’s selling on Ebay, Craigslist or to someone I know that is looking for something specific… I’m good at making a profit.

Another Tit-Bit...

Now, I’m not into trash digging, but I’ve gotten a thing or two in my lifetime that someone has thrown away. It’s all fair game to 10k. I’ve been saying I could do this for a while and now is as good of time as any to try!

Vintage JBL SR4732 PA Speaker


         I got a great deal on a Vintage JBL PA speaker cabinet. I got a set of Yamahas yesterday and took them to a friend of mine today. He offered me a nice JBL Model SR4732 cabinet with the original speakers for the pair. I say nice because it’s old and you can’t go wrong with JBL’s. Granite they were cracked and had holes there are still alot of useable parts. Or whoever buys them can have them reconed. (speakers fixed). I know this is a good speaker to sell because I had the match to it about a year ago and sold it on Ebay for over $330. My band broke up and I ended up with one….kinda like a divorce. We are still friends and trust me, I told him that I didn’t have anything in the Yamahas and wasn’t pressed on what I got out of them. The JBL was his offer. I was not complaining. So the nice thing about this is, whatever it goes off for will be profit and I’m hoping a good one. Maybe it won’t sell at all….I don’t know. I do know  my wife loves that there’s a giant speaker in the dining room to glare at while she eats…I’m sure she can’t wait for it to go away…if you want to see where it goes, here’s the link:

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