Here’s the story...

I tell my wife and friends all the time that I can start with nothing and turn it into 10K.  Now I have to prove it. I have gone to auctions, flea markets and garage sales in the past to buy items that I know will make a profit.  So, I kinda know what to look for. I’m by far an expert, but I’ve always had an eye for older unusual things. Whether it’s selling on Ebay, Craigslist or to someone I know that is looking for something specific… I’m good at making a profit.

Another Tit-Bit...

Now, I’m not into trash digging, but I’ve gotten a thing or two in my lifetime that someone has thrown away. It’s all fair game to 10k. I’ve been saying I could do this for a while and now is as good of time as any to try!

Can’t forget the Mario System


I found the Nintendo NES System at a yard sale for $40. It sold for $96. I more than doubled my money on it. There’s a couple of reasons that they sell so well. First, to bring back childhood memories, I mean, I actually spent so much time with the Mario Brothers that I felt like they were part of the family. And I’ll never forget sitting in my room with Boston playing on the AM/FM Cassette Boombox, shooting ducks till my trigger finger ached.. People loved these games and theres a few games worth some bucks……The second reason is guys are buying them to replace the part that the game slides into with the better 72 pin slot and resell them as refurbished. All in all, if you can pick these up cheap…do it. Then Flip it. The more games with it the better. Just the other day I picked up 2 systems, 5 controllers, 1 zapper gun and 6 games for $20…They are listed on Ebay and will be going off tomorrow, I started them at $9.99, they’re up to $10.45 with about 15 watchers. I’m hoping to at least double my money but anything over $20 will make me happy…..we’ll see.

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