Here’s the story...

I tell my wife and friends all the time that I can start with nothing and turn it into 10K.  Now I have to prove it. I have gone to auctions, flea markets and garage sales in the past to buy items that I know will make a profit.  So, I kinda know what to look for. I’m by far an expert, but I’ve always had an eye for older unusual things. Whether it’s selling on Ebay, Craigslist or to someone I know that is looking for something specific… I’m good at making a profit.

Another Tit-Bit...

Now, I’m not into trash digging, but I’ve gotten a thing or two in my lifetime that someone has thrown away. It’s all fair game to 10k. I’ve been saying I could do this for a while and now is as good of time as any to try!

Sold a 74′ Camaro Friction Car

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated…will try to keep up on it a little better. So, I’ve been selling items left and right on Ebay. This one was a pretty cool deal. I went to an estate auction and found 7 of these friction cars in a box and bought the whole box for $40.00. So, I listed this Camaro for $9.99 about a month ago. By the end of the auction…..not one bid. So, I put it back in the box that i bought in and stuck it in the basement.
I started listing other items about a week ago and decided to hit the relist button on the Camaro. It actually sold for over $38 dollars + shipping. No bids until the last 10 minutes…I was pumped to see it sell for that price. I guess it all depends on when you list it or who’s looking at the time.
I’ve also put an add on Craigslist, Buying US Silver Coins 10X Face Value. I’ve had a few people call and spent about 400 bucks so far. Silver is so hard to know if your gonna make money or not, it’s over $18 an ounce one day and down to $13 the next. So, I’m paying $10 for a morgan dollar that the weight alone is an ounce. Plus, you never know….I may get that one coin that’s worth a small fortune.
Well….like I said, I will try to keep up with the blogs and the goal meter. Tomorrows a new day, who knows what I’ll flip….I will let you know…BTW the goal meter should read just over 4k…I’m getting closer!!

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