Here’s the story...

I tell my wife and friends all the time that I can start with nothing and turn it into 10K.  Now I have to prove it. I have gone to auctions, flea markets and garage sales in the past to buy items that I know will make a profit.  So, I kinda know what to look for. I’m by far an expert, but I’ve always had an eye for older unusual things. Whether it’s selling on Ebay, Craigslist or to someone I know that is looking for something specific… I’m good at making a profit.

Another Tit-Bit...

Now, I’m not into trash digging, but I’ve gotten a thing or two in my lifetime that someone has thrown away. It’s all fair game to 10k. I’ve been saying I could do this for a while and now is as good of time as any to try!

The Truck Sold

After about a week and a half, the truck finally sold! There were about 20 offers for trades for anything from cars to trucks, motorcycles, hunting equipment and games. Craigslist came through. After I finally washed it and spent 12 dollars in some undercoating around the wheel wells, it sold for $1200. So, I made a $700 dollar profit. Not bad for about 2 hours work into getting it to look ok. I probably could’ve got about $1500 for it, but was happy with what I got. The guy that bought it was really liking it and I was glad to see his excitement when he got out of the car to see it. I kinda knew right away he wanted it. I held it for him for a day and he came back like he promised. So, now, what’s next. My neighbor has 3 stand up arcade video games, none of them work, but he only wants $240 dollars for all of them and a 1960’s mini pinball game. The pinball game is only worth about $50 in working condition, worthless if it’s not because the pc board cannot be replaced. So, it’s something for me to think about for the next flip. He also has all of his childhood toys with alot of Marx playsets and Lincoln log playsets from the 50’s. I definately would buy them for the right price….who knows whats next. I have more cash to work with and can’t wait to find the next flipper!

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