Here’s the story...

I tell my wife and friends all the time that I can start with nothing and turn it into 10K.  Now I have to prove it. I have gone to auctions, flea markets and garage sales in the past to buy items that I know will make a profit.  So, I kinda know what to look for. I’m by far an expert, but I’ve always had an eye for older unusual things. Whether it’s selling on Ebay, Craigslist or to someone I know that is looking for something specific… I’m good at making a profit.

Another Tit-Bit...

Now, I’m not into trash digging, but I’ve gotten a thing or two in my lifetime that someone has thrown away. It’s all fair game to 10k. I’ve been saying I could do this for a while and now is as good of time as any to try!

Truck Flipping

I bought this truck the other day for $500. I listed it on Craigslist and have had tons of people wanting to trade other cars, hunting gear,motorcycles, and there was one guy that offered a rail buggy. I’m hoping to get around $1200 out of it. There was a couple of good offers for trade, one guy had a 98′ Toyota with some nice 21 inch rims that would bring in more than the truck. So, if he brings it by and it’s in as good of shape as the picture he sent, I might just do it. I refuse to trade down or get low balled (offers that are rediculously low). It’s got a For Sale sign in it and sitting by the road that says make offer. Just incase someone wants to offer more than I want. I also got a set of 38 inch Muddin tires and rims in the deal, I figure I’ll sell them seperate for an extra couple hundred bucks. I’ll let you know what it sells for

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